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Made on request; a wall hanging special for you

A wall hanging on demand can be a wall hanging I made before but sold, or in a different size that fits better. I use the same wool and try to recreate the composition of wool. In the end, each wall hanging is always unique. Every piece of wool is different, and felting always creates… continue reading

The darkside: why wool is not so good idea

Wool has two sides of the same coin; either it is a very responsible purchase or a purchase with a lot of dirt and suffering behind it. It mainly depends on where the wool comes from. Wool is not always a good idea, as 80% of the wool for fashion and interior comes from Australia.… continue reading

Improve your acoustics with a wool eyecatcher

Poor acoustics often mean that a room reverberates too much. Too much reverberation creates a restless sound environment and creates a hard, chilly atmosphere. Some rooms suffer more from poor acoustics than others. It has to do with the size of the room and the materials that are there. Some objects such as wool absorb… continue reading

Hanging description for perfect hanging

To ensure that your wool and linen textile art piece hangs nicely on the wall, the wall hanging always needs some attention. Hanging description Due to transport, the linen will be a bit wrinkled and the wool will be crushed. You can iron the linen, on the ironing board or lying the wall hanging on… continue reading

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Mulesing; a painful price for cheap wool

Merino wool is a very fine wool fiber which makes the wool soft to the touch, a favorite in the textile sector. Merino wool comes from Australia. The rules are less strict in the field of animal welfare than in the Netherlands and therefore cheaper to keep sheep. The Merino sheep was bred in Australia… continue reading

Wool; so fantastic and can save the world

The secret of wool is the structure, when you look at a wool hair under the microscope you can see scales along the hair. This allows wool to felt (see this article on the explanation of felting) and insulate extremely well; air gets stuck between the scales and forms a ‘windbreak’. This air barrier also… continue reading

Why we forgot our beautiful local wool

At the moment, Dutch sheep’s wool is a waste product that has almost no destination. 1.5 million kilos of wool is burned every year. The Netherlands once had a prosperous wool processing industry, but now the demand for Dutch wool has completely disappeared. Natural fabrics have been replaced in recent years by synthetic – cheap… continue reading

Felting, an ancient craft, connects you to the earth

Wet felting; The technique I use for making the Halona wool wall hangings is called felting. Felting can be dry or wet. For large surfaces, such as the woolen wall hangings, use wet felting. The process; Wet felting is a technique with which you can make a piece of fabric, or in this case a… continue reading