Made on request; a wall hanging special for you

wandkleed Babette

A wall hanging on demand can be a wall hanging I made before but sold, or in a different size that fits better. I use the same wool and try to recreate the composition of wool. In the end, each wall hanging is always unique. Every piece of wool is different, and felting always creates a unique process.

I can also make a completely new design with your ideas.
Below I explain the options for you.

Background material

I work with different background materials, or a combination of materials. Linen, jute or wool felt can be the base of the wall hanging.

The linen has been washed and therefore has a nice subtle frayed edge on the sides and bottom.

I have the Belgian linen in stock in 3 colors. See the photo below.
Linen 1 has a light flax color that falls smoothly.
Linen 2 has a flax color that is slightly darker and the fabric is slightly heavier and stiffer than the previously mentioned linen.
Linen 3 is a supple linen in a warm dark ocher color.

Linnen wandkleed Halona

The jute is available in one colour; a beige color. The structure is coarser than the linen and is a bit stiffer.

Jute wandkleed wol Halona

The wool felt is available in undyed wool colours; off white, brown and black. I make wool felt myself from loose tufts of carded wool that I felt into a big piece. The size is therefore unlimited. Wool felt has great acoustic value.

Wolvilt wandkleed Babette Leertouwer

A combination of different background materials as a surface for the wall hanging is also possible.

wolvilt en linnen wandkleed


Linen and jute have a fabric width of 150 cm and an infinite length. The size of the wool felt is unlimited.

I often make the round moon shape as a standing tapestry, but it can also be used as a horizontal wall hanging.

Hang loose or weigh down

At the top of the wall hanging I make a tunnel through which a wooden stick passes, often I let the bottom hang loose, this gives a nice organic effect with the linen and the jute. A wall hanging made of wool felt does not have a fluttering effect like the linen and jute. If you want the linen or jute wall hanging to hang a little tighter, you can have a tunnel at the bottom of the wall hanging through which a wooden stick can also be inserted. This weighs down the bottom and pulls the fabric a bit tighter.

Stretch on frame

All work can be stretched on a wooden frame. This makes the work a bit tighter.

Halona wolkunst

Wooden frame

An wooden frame round the wallhanging when stretched is possible. This way it gets more the idea of a painting.

Shape of raw wool

The shape of raw wool can be anything, see my portfolio page here for everything I’ve already made. Or maybe you have an idea yourself. The shape of raw wool is always a composition of different sheep breeds of wool. Unpainted and treated as little as possible; just some water and green soap.

Send an email to and we will discuss your wall hanging special made for you