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Experience the beauty of nature in your home

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Wall hangings made from 100% Dutch local untreated sheep wool
Sending world wide
Made on request
By textile artist Babette Leertouwer

Ethical and sustainable

Locally sourced wool and handcrafting the art supports local economies and reduces the environmental impact of transportation and manufacturing


Handmade and unique

Each wall hanging is handmade by myself by the technique of felting and therefore unique

wandkleed Halona

Slowliving and local

The ancient craft felting is a slow process. Sourcing local sheep wool needs a lot of time for shaving, and selecting the wool

Babette Leertouwer wol
Atelier Halona

Visit the atelier

Find your own unique wall hanging

Each wall hanging is handmade with care and attention to detail, and reflects a deep respect for nature and commitment to sustainability. I’m here to guide you towards the perfect piece that reflects your individual style and taste. Come visit me and let me help you find the perfect piece to adorn your walls.

Email to and plan your visit

wolkunst Halona
wol kunst
Babette Leertouwer

A call for craftmanship

My mission

As a textile artist, my mission is to create wall art that not only showcases the beauty of locally sourced wool but also raises awareness about the impact of our consumer culture on the environment. My wool work is a protest against the exhaustion of our earth and a call for more craftsmanship in our daily lives. I believe that true artistry begins with a deep respect for the materials we use. That’s why I start my creative process by sourcing my wool from local farmers, who work in harmony with nature.
My wall hangings of wool, invites you to touch and feel, your senses should be used. Here we can find answers for today’s big challenges.

Wandkleed wol
vilt wandkleed Babette
Halona texitelkunst wol

The art of making

My process

Halona wall hangings are crafted from 100% untreated sheep wool sourced from various local sheep breeds in the Netherlands.
The sheep enjoy a happy and free life, and the wool is a rest product for their farmers or shepherds.
Each wall hanging is uniquely handcrafted through a wet felting process, which involves green soap and a lot of time, effort, and meditation.
The wool retains its lanolin, as well as some straw or pieces from the forest. The wool used is mulesing-free and comes from trusted sources in the Netherlands and Germany.

Babette Leertouwer
Wol wandkleed
Made on request

Custom wool wall art, crafted exclusively for you

Have an unique wool wall hanging for you on request.
I believe that every home deserves a piece of handmade art that is not only beautiful but also tells a story.

Send an email to and we will discuss your size and style

Textielkunstenaar textielkunst wol wandkleed
wabi sabi wol wandkleed
vilt wandkleed

Babette wandkleed

“Go into the woods, go into the woods. Or never live at all”

Halona blog

Halona wandkleden gemaakt van 100% Nederlandse wol. Wandkunst op linnen doek. Halona wallhangings made of 100% Dutch local wool. Wallart on linen. Made by Babette Leertouwer. Verbeter je akoestiek.