Textielkunst wol Halona Babette Leertouwer
Groot wit schapenwol wandkleed akoestiek Halona Babette Leertouwer

Large wall hangings of wool

Made of 100% untreated and mulesing free wool. The wool is a restproduct from local Dutch sheep. Only water and green soap is used for the ancient craft felting.

The Halona wall hangings are uniquely handcrafted by textileartist Babette Leertouwer.

Shipping world wide.

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Babette Leertouwer wandkleed wol

Have an unique wool wall hanging for you on request.
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Send an email to info@halona.nl and we will discuss your size and style.

Linen background

Some wall hangings have a 100% linen background. From plant to fabric; sustainable made in Belgium.
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Halona wandkleed in industrieel interieur

Dutch sheepwool

The wool comes from different local Dutch sheep breeds, these sheep are held for nature grazing. When summer comes the sheep have to be sheared. After shaving time the sheep is still jumping around!
In this article I wrote why we have forgotten our Dutch sheep wool.

Halona texitelkunst wol
Studio Henk Dutch design textielkunst

Textile artist Babette Leertouwer.

Her inspiration is find in nature and filosophy. During Babette’s study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2007 she did research on the wabi sabi philosophy. It’s about imperfection, the acceptance that nothing stays as it is, slow-living and awareness.
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wolkunst Halona
texielkunst wol wandkleed

“My Halona wall hangings of wool, invites you to touch and feel, your senses should be used. Here we can find answers for today‚Äôs big challenges.”

Wool can save the world, that’s what this article is about.

wabi sabi wol wandkleed
Vilten Babette Leertouwer wandkleed wol

Ancient craft; wet felting

The wool wall hangings are made by wet felting. This is an ancient craft that only needs warm water and green soap. My hands do the rest, they rub the wool fibers togehter; it’s like meditation. All the colors of the wool are natural, there’s no dying.

Textielkunstenaar textielkunst wol wandkleed
Halona interiordesign interieur

Cicular economy

Working with local Dutch wool means helping to create a circular economy. These days Dutch wool is waste, most of it get’s burned.

We forgot the beauty of wool. Also wool has so many benefits; it is insulating, moisture-regulating, fire-retardant, sustainable, sound-absorbing. A wall hanging of wool will improve the acoustics in your interior.

Bring natural, handmade art into your interior with a Halona wool wall hanging.  
Choose a slow-life; a deeper appreciation of sensory experiences, and the ability to ‘live in the present moment’

Babette Leertouwer wandkleed wol

“Go into the woods, go into the woods.
Or never live at all”

Halona wandkleden gemaakt van 100% Nederlandse wol. Wandkunst op linnen doek. Halona wallhangings made of 100% Dutch local wool. Wallart on linen. Made by Babette Leertouwer. Verbeter je akoestiek.