Moon45 (108x120cm)



  • Wall hanging 100% mulesing free, local, Dutch sheep wool
  • Wool shape white, beige and brown colors
  • Background 100% mulesing free sheep wool, felt
  • Size: 108 cm wide, 120 cm high
  • Sold? Send an email to to order this wall hanging special made for you 

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The wall hanging background and moon shape are both made of wool. This wall hanging will improve your acoustics, becasue of the large size and becasue it is totally made of wool. The backside of the wall hanging is called felt, the moon shape is rough wool. The round moon shape has different kind of sheep breed wool. Therefore the round shape has different structures and colors, all natural so no dying of the wool. 

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The wool has been treated as little as possible and can therefore still contain pieces of straw and forrest. The smell of the wallhanging and the lanolin in it is very natural.
When the wool wall hanging is shipped; keep in mind that the wall hanging needs some attention after unpacking; the background can be ironed and the wool made nice and fluffy again by hand. See this link for videos for perfect hanging your wall hanging;

Out of stock? Send an email to and order this wall hanging special made for you. 

Halona large wall hanging of wool wallart wool unique and handmade sustainable. Textileartist Babette Leertouwer

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