Wet felting an old ancient and forgotten wool

Halona wol


The Halona wall hangings are made of 100% untreated sheep wool. The wool comes from different local sheep breeds from the Netherlands. The sheep have a happy and free life and are held for nature grazing. The sheep need to be sheared before summertime, that’s where Halona comes in. The wool is a rest product for the farmer or shepherd. Here you can read what nature grazing means.

Making of

The wall hangings are uniquely handcrafted by myself in a nature environment on a historic farm. The wet felting process takes a lot of time, muscle power and effort. It’s like meditation. Besides green soap, I put a piece of my soul in it. The lanolin remains in the wool, as well as some straw or piece from the forest. This felting method is also considered medicinal or vegetarian. You don’t smell sheep when it’s finished.
Click here to read more about wet felting.

And the sheep who donated his coat for your wall hanging is still jumping around.


A large wall hanging of wool is perfect to improve the acoustics in your interior. Wool is sound absorbing and insulating.
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Nederlandse wol

Mulesing free

The wool I use comes from the Netherlands, from farmers, shepherds and hobbyists I know myself. The carded wool (this is the backside wool) comes from the Netherlands or Germany. In the Netherlands and Germany mulesing is prohibited, which is why all the designs are mulesing free. Click here to read what mulesing is.

Linen background

Some wall hangings have a 100% Belgium linen background. Linen is made from the flax plant. It grows in Belgium, where the fabric is also woven. It is a strong plant and hardly needs fertilizers or crop protection. No waste; all parts of the plant are used. The linseed is for food. The fibers for textiles. Fairtrade and sustainable.

Hanging instructions

Hanging instructions will be there at your wall hanging order. It is very easy because all the wall hangings are lightweight. You can fix three nails in the wall, and easily place the wall hanging on it. The wall hanging has a bamboo stick on top.
Click here to see the video how to hang your wallhanging and read more hanging instructions.

Vilten Babette

On request

Most of the wall hangings I make on request. If you are interested in a wall hanging, but it is just not there in the shop, send an email to info@halona.nl and we will discuss what you like.
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Biodegradable and circular

Wool and linen have their origin in nature and these fabrics are also fully biodegradable after use. Linen and wool are completely decomposed in the open ground after 6,5 months and are valuable as compost. When the wool is separated from the linen cloth, both can be reused. Click here to read more about why wool is so sustainable.

Cleaning instructions

Untreated wool with lanolin is naturally self-cleaning. Dust can be beaten out gently. Don’t machine wash or dry clean.

  • S – sustainable
  • L – local
  • O – organic
  • W – whole



All designs, photos and texts are the sole creation and property of Halona, ​​Babette Leertouwer since 2007 untill now. All work is copyrighted and may not be used for personal design or reproduction. Reproduction is legally prohibited you can find this in the Dutch book of law