Textile artist Babette Leertouwer, and her love for slowliving

Babette Leertouwer textile artist

Textile artist

Working with natural materials, bare feet on the ground, using my body and hands, is a raw and intimate process. It connects me deeply to the essence of life.

Halona is the creation of Babette Leertouwer. Babette developed her love for the outdoors early on in life, at her grandmothers farm. She still enjoys the back to basic way of slowliving and care for plants and animals. Babette learned the timeless wisdom of sustainability in its truest form.

Babette studied at Amsterdam Fashion Institute for Design & Styling. Her she researched the philosophy of wabi sabi. This became her inspiration for life and her work, like also nature is for her.

textile artist Babette Leertouwer


Besides a textile artist I’m also an activist. My wool creations serve as a protest against the exhaustion of our earth. We need more craftmanship, starting from the very source of our materials. Everything begins in nature, not in a factory. Designer becomes farmer.

My Halona wall hangings invite you to touch and feel, your senses should be used. Here we can discover solutions to today’s big challenges. Let’s surround ourselves and our interiors with living material. You don’t sit in a parking for fun; too much dead material. Choose life.