Hanging description for perfect hanging

This hanging description applies to most wall hangings made of wool and/or linen, some wall hangings need a different way.

To ensure that your wool and linen textile art piece hangs nicely on the wall, the wall hanging always needs some attention.

Due to transport, the linen will be a bit wrinkled and the wool will be crushed. You can iron the linen, on the ironing board or what I often do; lying the wall hanging on the ground. If you have a wall hanging with a felt background, you can also iron this felt background if you find it necessary.

You can make the wool fluffy again and shape it with your hands. You can shape the outer edge so that the woolen shape becomes nice and round again. All this with some caution.

Hanging of the wall hanging is very easy; place 3 nails in a row in slightly less than the length of your wall hanging. With a small wall hanging you can do 2 nails. Place the wall hanging on this row. With larger wall hangings: the two outer nails as much as possible on the outside of the wall hanging, so that the stick is well supported at the ends and does not hang down. When the stick starts to bend down at the ends, the linen goes with it and you get the fluttering effect of the linen.

For very large wall hangings, place more than 3 nails, so that the stick cannot bend. Drive the nails into the wall far enough so that the curtain does not float away from the wall.

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Halona large wall hanging of wool wallart wool unique and handmade sustainable. Textileartist Babette Leertouwer