Improve your acoustics in a warm atmosphere

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Poor acoustics often mean that a room reverberates too much. Too much reverberation creates a restless sound environment and creates a hard, chilly atmosphere.

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Poor acoustics

Some rooms suffer more from poor acoustics than others. It has to do with the size of the room and the materials that are there. Some objects such as wool absorb sound and other materials reflect it. A newly built house with a concrete floor can easily have poor acoustics. Walls with stucco and windows are also materials that reflect sound.

“You don’t sit in a concrete parking place for fun either, too much dead material”

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Wool improves the acoustics

Because of the scales along the hairs of wool, wool can insulate well but also dampen sound very well. Sound is, as it were, absorbed or held back in the material so that it cannot reverberate. As a result, wool improves the acoustics very well, the loud sound is muffled and transformed into softness.

Eye catcher

Where woolen rugs used to be only on the floor as a rug, woolen wall hangings have become a popular interior item in recent years. A wool wall hanging is a wonderful addition to a less is more or industrial interior. With a woolen wall hanging, you not only improve the acoustics, but you also have a artwork, eye catcher and atmosphere maker at your wall.

Halona improves acoustics wool

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