Moon framed02 (50x50cm)


  • artwork 100% mulesing vrije schapenwol
  • Wool circle different brown colors
  • Gespannen op houten frame
  • Achtergrond 100% jute
  • Size: 50cm wide, 50cm high
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A circle artwork of different brown colors from wool. Perfect for your artwall or an natural statement in your interior.

Halona wool artwork background is jute, stretched on a wooden frame. The artwork is very lightweight, so you can fix one nail or screw in the wall and easily place the artwork on.

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De wol is zo min mogelijk behandeld en kan dus nog stukjes stro en heide bevatten. De geur van het wandkleed en de lanoline erin is heel natuurlijk.
When the wool wall hanging is shipped; keep in mind that the wall hanging needs some attention after unpacking; the wool made nice and fluffy again by hand. See this link for videos for perfect hanging your wall hanging;

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