Vata (79x99cm)


  • Artwork 100% mulesing free sheep wool and 100% jute
  • Wool brown, ecru, beige colors
  • Stretched on wooden frame
  • Plain wooden frame
  • Size: 79cm wide, 99cm high
  • Please contact me for shipping outside the Netherlands, an extra fee will be add after buying
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Halona artwork of wool and jute.  A patchwork made from different sheepwool and a jute part. Different techniques have been used; carding, spinning and felting. Natural soft and earthy color tones. A wool painting for your wall. 

Halona wool artwork; stretched on a wooden frame and framed with a plain wooden art frame. The artwork is lightweight, so you can fix one nail or screw in the wall and easily place the artwork on.

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The wool has been treated as little as possible and can therefore still contain pieces of straw and forrest. The smell of the wallhanging and the lanolin in it is very natural.

Out of stock? Send an email to and order this wall hanging special made for you.