About the product



The Halona wall hangings are made from 100% rough untreated sheep wool. The wool comes from different sheep breeds from the Netherlands. The sheep have a happy and free life and are held for nature grazing. This is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound alternative to other nature management measures, such as mowing, tilling and fertilising. The sheep need to be sheared before summertime, that’s where Halona comes in.

The wall hangings are uniquely handcrafted in our own backyard The felting process takes a lot of time, muscle power and effort. It’s like meditation. Besides green soap, we put a piece of our soul in it. After the felting, the rugs are washed. The lanolin remains in the wool, as well as some straw. This felting method is also considered medicinal or vegetarian.

The sheep who donated his coat for your wall hanging is still jumping around.

Cleaning instructions
Untreated wool with lanolin is naturally self-cleaning. Dust can be beaten out gently. Don’t machine wash or dry clean.

On request
Most of the wallhangings we make on request. So if you are interested in a wallhanging, but it is just not there in the shop, send us an email and we will discuss what you like.

Shirts for men and women are Halona’s essential features and are newly produced. The woman t-shirt is from 100% tencel while 100% cotton is used for the men t-shirt, both biological fabrics. The longsleeve is 100% cotton. They are highly comfortable, yet fashionably modelled. Applications from ‘forgotten’restmaterial are put on the shirts. Materials for this is mainly supplied by Humanoid and Claudia Sträter. Before, these exclusive restmaterials were thrown away after cutting patterns or when flaws were discovered. Even the neck labels are made from restmaterial; damaged leather jackets are used for this end.


The products of Halona have endured life, they have weathered, they have a story to tell.