About the product


+ Commits to sustainability

+ Is not season defined, but stimulates slow fashion

+ Enjoys cooperating

+ Finds beauty in seemingly discarded materials and imperfection

Shirts for men and women are Halona’s essential features and are newly produced. The woman t-shirt is from 100% tencel while 100% cotton is used for the men t-shirt, both biological fabrics. The longsleeve is 100% cotton. They are highly comfortable, yet fashionably modelled. Applications from ‘forgotten’restmaterial are put on the shirts. Materials for this is mainly supplied by Humanoid and Claudia Sträter. Before, these exclusive restmaterials were thrown away after cutting patterns or when flaws were discovered. Even the neck labels are made from restmaterial; damaged leather jackets are used for this end.

Halona designs every application, piece by piece, all over again. After this process, the applications are sewed on the shirts in Dutch social workplaces. For Halona there is almost no choice in fabrics. But, this limitation gives her strength; bounded by present materials provides freedom to create new things from existing materials. All t-shirts and sweaters are ‘personal touched’ by the varied forms, natural colour combinations and placement of the applications; the’re all unique.

Because the applications are from restmaterial spots, frays and colour differences are part of the new product we call it imperfection.

The products of Halona have endured life, they have weathered, they have a story to tell.

Besides, shirts Halona designs more products such as key chains, bags and interior products. This depends on what materials Halona encounters and the inspiration what to create with it.

Washing instructions

For all Halona products hold; cold hand wash only, leave the products for a maximum of 5 minutes in the handwash, rinse with cold water. Do not tumble dry and do not wring. Ironing is allowed, but gently please.
All products by Halona are made from a variety of exclusive fabrics. Therefore, it is important to wash the products by hand, so the beauty is preserved. Besides, omitting the washing machine and dryer spares the environment.

Get rid of

If you made a purchase of Halona and you want to get rid of it, consider the following options; take the product to the nearest recycling store, send the product back to Halona, donate the garment to charity, think of another purpose for it as pyjama or polish linen.

Designers who sponsors Halona with restmaterial
+ Claudia Sträter
+ Humanoid
+ Kuyichi
+ Braez
+ Femke Agema
+ Philomijn
+ Trickle Down
+ Rianne de Witte