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  • 100% untreated rough wool -

    The Halona wall hanging are made from 100% rough untreated sheep wool. The wool comes from different sheep breeds from the Netherlands

  • Acoustics -

    With a wallhanging made of wool, the acoustics will improve greatly and give a warm and comfortable sound in your room

  • On request -

      Most of the Halona wallhangings we make on request. So if you are interested in a wallhanging, but it is just not there in the shop, send us an email and we will discuss what you like and make a special one for you.


    The wall hangings are uniquely handcrafted in our own backyard. The felting process takes a lot of time, muscle power and effort. It’s like meditation. Besides green soap, we put a piece of our soul in it.


    For many peoples, the Moon symbolizes the “Female Light”. It is the mother of the goddesses and a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Wall hangings that looks like a moon is hanging on your wall, we call it moonart. *Halona *SLowliving *Wall hanging *Moonart